Friday, May 18, 2007

Whither the Widget King?

Fun night on Wednesday with colleagues and other new media types at Media Widgetised, hosted by Chinwag and stylishly chaired by Steve Bowbrick (thanks to him for photo), with speakers including friends such as Fergus Burns (my contender for King of Widgets). There's a good and sensible write up here.

I put the expression on my face in the above picture down to me trying to figure out where we are in terms of a sustainable widget economy (which is what Fergus and others were trying to get us to buy into).

Not that it was talked about that much, but I understand the potential for and excitement about the death of the browser (a news reader, media player, and a couple of social network or shopping widgets or 3d environments will be all I need) and can see where as a content owner I can get value out of that (even if I don't own or create the widget).

In the short term I'm not sure how sustainable getting traffic from other web pages with embedded widgets is - we will inevitably have to pay if the traffic is at all valuable to us (look what happened to Photobucket), or at least those in the good positions will need to pay (a la paid search).

Maybe it's all part of the journey towards the browser-free web (for your average user, sure they'll still be a few of us sub-editing wikipedia).

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Deirdre Molloy said...

Hi Louise, gald you enjoyed the evening, and good to see you placing your bet early for who will be crowned widget king :-)

From the Chinwag perspective it was also a fantastic event to put together - I made so many discoveries and had so many questions and thoughts about the future of media distribution, branding and monetisation fizzing around in my mind when I was planning and developing it that now it's over I am definitely due for a prolonged lie-down!

But in the meantime, I've also written up a report on the event here and the podcast will be out in the next two days.