Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Displacement Activities: Handbags, Darfur & Goodreads

If you've been wondering where I am then I've been here all along. Just in a sort of suspended animation of worry.

There are a lot of things I should be doing for my wedding. That's what I'm anxious about. A selection includes:
  • working on suitable songs to suggest for the musicians (jazz pianist + great singer)
  • contacting the venue to make sure that we can have said musicians and evening as planned
  • wine tasting (why am I holding off on this one?) so we can decide which booze to have on the day
  • buying various wedding accoutrements (tiaras, knickers etc. - don't even get me started on borrowed, blue etc.)
  • writing my speech (got as far as "accustomed as I am...")

Instead I have done the following:

  • Bought an outrageously capacious handbag because it made me smile. It looks a bit like an expensive disabled black leather muppet.
  • Worried about Darfur and whether there is anything I personally should do.
  • Spent way too long on Goodreads.com listing every book I've ever read and rating it. I even started doing some light reviews this evening. I can't believe I've found another social network that I am willing to surrender yet more of my free time on.
I've decided to leave Darfur to Elton John for starters. This feels like progress.

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melons said...

Welcome back! Right, never fear - I shall of course help out in any way I can. I have found a Thai Elvis and booked him so you can put a tick next to music.

In addition, I have mingled with the best ladyboys that Thailand has to offer and consider your accessories also sorted thanks to their help. (Somewhat flamboyant, maybe. But sorted).

And your bag is the loveliest thing ever.