Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm *ba-ack*

Last night I thought to myself "better get these plates uploaded to the dishwasher".

On realising my hilarious new-media gaffe I then thought "I'll blog about this".

And so "real" life returns.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over

We're back and we're wed.

The day itself was a brilliant happy occasion - the rain lashed down all day as forecast but that didn't stop ceremony, speeches, friends, family, food, wine and my new husband all being wonderful.

Photographic evidence of the day itself is slow to arrive but I've already uploaded some shots of the honeymoon fun so you can see how great Nevis was - charming, not too developed, great mix of beaches, mountains, lots of non-dangerous wildlife like bats and moths and monkeys and frogs and we stayed in a lovely homey but luxurious place.

If you can only see shots of frogs and donkeys you will need to be friends with me on Flickr in order to see the full complement of daft and often sweaty shots. I've decided to be a bit more conservative with which photos I share publicly - who knows, maybe an ill-judged photo may discount me from Hampstead Garden Suburb Stepford Wife of the Year or similar. It's a thought.

As well as "the honeymoon period is officially over" the other phrase I'm enjoying irritating my husband with is "this isn't exactly a marriage of convenience, you know ... it's bloody inconvenient if you ask me". Not that it is, of course, I just feel slightly silly using the word "husband" really.

Back to work tomorrow.