Thursday, June 28, 2007

On Getting Married Very Soon

Weather's due to be shit, I haven't broken in my shoes properly, I don't know which lipstick I'm wearing and still haven't finished my speech but hey-ho, as long as I end the day with a ring on my finger and a smile on my face I'm happy.

Am really quite excited. See you in a few weeks.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weddingwards We Go: Controlling the Uncontrollable

A wise man once advised me to focus on "controlling the controllables" and, how, if you try to do anything else, madness lies therein. Despite this phrase having some real resonance and usefulness throughout my life, this has not stopped me obsessing over a number of wedding-related nightmare scenarios over which I have very little control, a selection of which I hereby confess:

The buffet causing food poisoning
We are using a very respectable caterers and there is no trace of oysters, pork or fugu on the menu, but a story from my mate Burnsy about her grandad being so ill at a family wedding he had to be sick in his Italian leather shoes has haunted me since my early teens.

My dress creasing on the way from my house to the wedding venue
Viscose discounted as suitable wedding dress fabric due to potential overheating and general disgustingness, I am now concerned that my beautiful fabric will concertina like paper in the short journey between home and venue.

I briefly entertained investigating whether there was a private hire car company that had a fleet of popemobiles available in the London area, but quickly discounted this. I am still considering getting my mum to sit in the front of the car with me virtually prostrate across the back seat, although I realise the classic bride setting off in the car shot may look a little unconventional (but maybe this lady was actually lying on her front for the same reason).

Me crying constantly throughout the day
I know I have to minimise alcohol intake, possibly not look my future husband, mother, in-law-to-bes or caterers for that matter in the eye, and I am also practising saying the vows as they instantly set me off into an over-emotional torrent. We've even split the speech thankyous by scoring my likelihood to cry on a scale of 1 to 5 being the deciding factor on who gets to thank who - I am left with the florists and cab company. Waterproof mascara it is, then.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

At the end of a long week, sometimes all you can do is sing

Loads going on at the moment, mostly wedding related but also a hectic time at work what with the controversy over the programme Diana: The Witnesses in the tunnel as well as heated discussions over this week's events in the Big Brother house.

I met with the programme makers of the Diana documentary on Wednesday night (I was there to check that the forum was working properly for them so they could read and post) and was really impressed with their commitment and interest in finding out what viewers thought.

And no chance of a breather the next day - another fascinating meeting with some young tv trainees to introduce new media to them - and as it was the morning after Emily's removal from Big Brother and they were from various ethnic backgrounds there was quite a heated debate about what had gone on. I hope it was a great introduction to them for how New Media can play such a key role in interacting with programmes as the debate was already raging in the forums even tho no one had actually seen the footage at that time.

Also went to a Women, Business and Blogging conference on Friday which was really interesting - great presentations from Meg Pickard, Eileen Brown and Jory des Jardins that I'll very briefly summarize thus: Meg - hilarious, insightful and engaging on all aspects of community; Eileen - great personal insights that showed the human side of Microsoft (best PR I think they'll get this year in the UK); and Jory's presentation was the best for me - her knowledge of the economics of blogging and the role of women bloggers as key influencers for marketers was immense, with some great lessons for the UK to learn from.

And finally, the photo you can see wasn't a break-out session from the conference but actually from my hen party last night - another gathering of mostly women with a couple of special fellas. I had an absolutely brilliant time and can conclude I have the best best friends in the whole world. Not just because they let me hog the mike* big time.

*Thought I'd clear up that that wasn't one of the fellas. One of the girls showed quite a lot of interest in "roving mike" until I had to break it to her that we were talking audio equipment. Actually, that was my friend Sue's joke, but it was too good not to repeat.