Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sexperience: educating the parts that broadcast can't always reach

Last night saw the first of four more Sex Education programmes on Channel 4, this time addressing the specific issue that the ready availability of pornography online has skewed people's understanding and expectations of sex and all the bits involved (see embedded video below for one of the main bits involved).

The website (commissioned by Adam Gee) once again goes that extra step to dispel myths around body parts and experiences by allowing anyone to pose awkward questions like how do you manually stimulate a woman? (Ok, the questioner didn't quite put it like that), answer questions like what's the best position? and share stories like the always interesting tales of people's first times.

I am so passionate about the fact that the website extends the programme into areas broadcast could not reach and enables real and positive impact on individuals' lives I felt compelled to share one of the videos and encourage you to participate in the site.

Personally, I found it really rewarding to answer a few questions posed by some young women, hoping that it will help them make better, more informed decisions around sex and feel more confident about themselves. (I didn't find it quite so rewarding to have my boss walk past my desk just as I was embedding a cock in my blog, but then he didn't bat an eyelid, which some may say just goes to show why Channel 4 really is the home for such tough subjects.)

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scaryredhair said...

It's a great service, agreed. Wouldn't it be fascinating to extend its' reach, open of to other countries, compare the social and sexual mores? And to do that, you could open it to a sponsorship model to pay for the moderation... No?

Louise Brown said...

Interesting idea.

Sponsorship is tricky given the frank subject matter but we have seen some interest given current scale and pretty high levels of traffic it gets even when the show isn't on air.

Anonymous said...

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