Friday, February 06, 2009

It's been over a month since my last confession

I blame Twitter.

As my thoughts dribble out through the hours and days in 140-character pellets, I feel less inclined to commit a longer version to just a bunch more pixels in another type of post. It's like mental methadone. I might get a bumper sticker for my profile that reads "I'd rather be blogging".

What with a mild tweeting addiction and starting a new job in January , I've a head stuffed with thoughts but not quite the space to filter and file.

I have squeezed some cultural stuff in, however, including the following five-star outings: August: Osage County (brilliant) at the National Theatre and Grace Jones (extraordinary) live at the Roundhouse.

There's been some good stuff going on at work as well including's new homepage, Jon Snow's new blog - Snowblog, and another inspired heap of work from Company Pictures as well as our and marketing teams cross-platforming the bejesus out of Skins.

Oh yeah, and there's been a lot of chat about the future of Channel 4, Digital Britain and sadly, just in this past week, a Kangaroo was killed.

But you knew all that from Twitter, right? Sigh.

I'm jonesing to write some proper paragraphs though, I just need a few days to gather my resources. In the meantime user-generate your own post while I cook up a fresh one.


neilperkin said...

Congrats on the new role Louise. Love the Skins stuff that you guys do. Really, really good.

Louise Brown said...

Aw thanks. Special kudos due to Steve Forde for the MSN Messenger work on Skins this year.