Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cure Sought for Chronic Dartitis

As you may have gathered, I've picked up a nasty case of blogger's dartitis.

Yes, I've been writing, but with spasms of focus, like the automatic scrawl of a medium channelling a peripatetic Cleopatra who keeps drifting off to chat to Einstein and John the Baptist just when things are getting interesting. As a result, the following posts have been started but not quite finished:

1. The Joy of Serendipity - how meandering paths of content discovery led me to share a scar story and appreciate a racist writer of weird fiction

2. Opine on the Ovine - thoughts on decreed mutton moments from long hair to footless tights (just noticed what could be the first case I've ever noticed of misogyny in enhanced search results - why the images?)

3. Can I Have a Rewind? - how and why it's important to remember what you're all about, inspired by the inadvertent wisdom of my mother "You really must take time to rewind at the weekends"

4. How I feel about the budget cuts and redundancies at Channel 4

Give an old lady a hand - if you've any preferences*, do leave a comment or drop me a line and I'll do my best to knuckle down and deliver. Else I'll just wait here 'til I'm filled with the spirit of Pocahontas or similar.

*Nope, not a chance on number 4; do you think I'm insane?


Joanna said...

numero dos

Richard Davidson-Houston said...

Yes I do.