Monday, August 04, 2008

Learning to Love You More: For Real

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I have loads more to write on this but realised that there are only a few days left for anyone able to go to see Learning to Love You More so thought I should post my big shout out now.

If you are anywhere near Middlesbrough, or even if you're not - I can tell you train times from London if you can spare an afternoon and evening - then go and see this exhibition. It's a beautifully curated exhibition inspired and fed by the Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July website at the link above.

How I came across Learning to Love You More is a whole 'nother post in itself, but take a look at the assignments (first one to find my entry wins a prize) and if looking at photographs of strangers holding hands or reading people's life stories or looking at and reading about people's significant outfits moves you at all, you wait til you see and hear and watch and feel them in the flesh. Seeing the actual drawings people have made, sitting and watching the videos or staring up at a hand-crafted banner whilst everyone else around you also enjoys these funny, moving contributions was such a great feeling, such a feeling of community and it seemed to me that Middlesbrough was a great place to do it.

Many thanks to curator Nicky Peacock, the local contributions she's been harvesting make the exhibition so special and even more intimate and moving. Her opening night touch of live bands covering Don't Dream It's Over [assignment #24] was genius. Go - go now! Worry about it later.

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