Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Families, Pacificists, Jingoists and Philatelists Unite

Watched The Culture Show last night on BBC Two and saw a piece on Steve McQueen's latest works.

The big feature was Hunger, his first feature film about the IRA Hunger Strikes of the early 80s (if you haven't read Bobby Sands' diary of that time, I suggest you do, it's very moving). I haven't seen it so far, but trusted reports so far sound good.

But my call to action is to support the work (also featured in the programme) and campaign started in March by McQueen "Queen and Country".

McQueen has created "a cabinet containing a series of facsimile postage sheets, each one dedicated to a deceased soldier". But the work is not complete until the Post Office actually choose to issue the stamps so is accompanied by a petition - both alongside the work and online - in order to try to make this happen. I think this both honours those who have lost their lives and keeps us questioning the motives and ongoing presence of our forces abroad. You can see the work at the Barbican until July 27th.

(Come on, if we can bring a chocolate bar back ... register your support here.)

Later note: More just in from Adam on Hunger.

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Stevie Forde said...

thanks for the point to the Bobby Sands diaries, as you said this was very moving and painted him in an entirely different light to the inarticulate half breed the UK media portrayed him as.

Everyone should read this diary.