Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Barack's Campaigning Supporters - can they? I hope so

The USA is still the most influential country on this planet, right? Someone tell me if China's edged ahead. So it's been interesting following the US elections.

Listening to Joe Klein on Newsnight last night I was relieved to hear from someone who should know, that there is little between Clinton and Obama in terms of policy, and it is pretty much about style.

I found the "Yes we can" video campaign video for Obama embedded below exciting and moving (and couldn't help but cast my mind back to Blair and his anthem - not as cool but I was excited at the time), thinking of the energy and inspiration that Obama could bring to the US and therefore the rest of the world.

Looks like Clinton has done really well last night, however, so I'll wait with baited breath. It's an interesting piece of campaigning video, anyway, and apparently not official (although now sanctioned).

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Manchild said...

Hello Louise,

Senator Barack Obama has proven to be the only presidential candidate who has given all Americans a reason to hope again. Matters not what label you wear nor the color of your skin, voters are getting excited and forgetting about the traditions that have divided this country from within.

Since the whole world is watching what will happen during America's defining moment, we cannot afford to get it wrong again. The world's leaders will listen to Obama and they will hear his voice because he symbolizes "change we can all believe in."