Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Let's Have Some New Cliches

I was going to title this post "All I Want for Christmas" then realised it would be the same title of a million other entries simultaneously saved to blogger which may have caused the Internet to explode.

Anyway, what I wanted was the Internet back. And I just got it. Gawd bless BT. I also want one of those USB LP converter thingies for anyone who's interested. I realise I will, however, be getting a couple of varieties of unction, a stinky candle and possibly a not-quite-right book, same as I've bought for everyone else.

Have a smashing winterval.


P.S. Is Internet still upper case or am I showing my age?


Robbie said...

Hey, I got an iMic from the Apple store so if Santa doesn't bring you one then you can borrow mine. If you are nice.

Richard said...

Merry Christmas Lou. Everything's Uppercase At This Time Of The Year.

Louise Brown said...

Not sure whether I can be nice nor Upper Case.