Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's On.

We're moving on Saturday. I am surrounded by boxes. As detailed previously, we are moving to Hampstead Garden Suburb, and I've uploaded my first Youtube video to show you what the downstairs looks like when it's empty. Excuse very shaky camera work (this was done with my phone) but please enjoy the only slightly entertaining moment when Dolly Daydream here tries to turn the light on in the bathroom forgetting that no lights are fitted. (Chinese Backstreet Boys mime artist I am not.)

We are both petrified that we will ruin its perfect little loveliness by shipping all our crap in. But had a breakthrough moment when the carpet went in upstairs earlier this week i.e. this is actually our home and we will live there. So we're both a bit scared but mostly excited.


Robbie said...

that looks rill purdy

let me know when my room is Spongebob sheets will look awesome in my room.


Clive long and prosper said...

Lovely! Hope you've not trashed it yet. Like the kitchen especially! A wise decision to go for shelves and not too many cupboards. We were thinking about taking a hammer to our cupboards at the weekend but bottled it.

You are so bourgeois.