Thursday, August 17, 2006

Birthday Bleatings

I feel like the kid whose parents forgot to buy the batteries on Christmas Day. I have a spanky new iPod nano for my birthday from my lovely boyfriend who listened repeatedly to my heavy hinting - but it's not working.

The CD that came with it is split and there weren't any headphones in the box. Then I find the screen is already scratched. Insult to injury: when I tried to download all the software online and then charge it, all the screen did was show a message saying "contact support". Grrrreat.

Whinge over. We'll replace it and all will be well. I can get over using my embarassingly teenage shuffle (hey, it was free) for a couple more days.

I've got the day off, so I shouldn't really be online at all. A whole day of flicking myself off to Trisha awaits.


Mooro said...

Hi! Happy Birthday!

Sorry to hear about the unfortunate broken Nano incident - I do think there's a definite suggestion that Mac throw a few ringers into the public domain. My wife had an iPod Mini that I got for her (also a birthday incident) & that worked, but never properly from day one - the scroller was temperamental & it never held a charge properly.

That aside, I hope it's not a day ruiner & tonight is a riot.

All the best
Mooro (lofi72)

LouBrown said...

And relax... Thank you for your concern - had a brilliant night of too much booze and never enough karaoke.

As of today I am now the proud owner of a fully functioning nano after exchanging the clearly trodden-on one I received on Thursday.

It's all too exciting for words but now need to get over worrying that someone's going to nick it on the tube. Deep breath ...