Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm back

I was inspired to start communicating again this weekend by a conversation at the Bafta Television Craft awards about owl pellets (amongst other things). Consider these posts my pellets; excreta I am compelled to leave behind with no intrinsic value but that may reveal traces of something interesting if dissected correctly.

My other obsession du weekend is Big Brother. Yes, a little because my team built the site and the changes to its design and inclusion of free video have me fraught with concern, but really because I have no idea if any of these people will crawl into my subconscious as they have in most previous years (that's the contestants, not my team). I will be forced to see them daily for the next 3 months, I need them to find a way in. The true heroes of the piece are yet to emerge and I nervously await my genuine engagement.

For the record, I didn't want Finland to win the Eurovision song contest. Turkey did it for me, I'm a traditionalist, although she sounds a bit like Victoria Wood on second listen. Oh, and I had nothing to do with the work that was nominated for the Bafta, but that wasn't why we didn't win.

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